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About Partpilot

PartPilot was born out of a desire to increase the speed, transparency, and simplicity of buying and selling aircraft parts.

PartPilot is crafted with the heritage of NORDAM's nearly 50 year experience in the aerospace industry, and we are focused on helping our customers simplify their daily efforts to get their jobs done. 

PartPilot is a global aviation marketplace designed to improve the way the industry buys, sells, and exchange parts. By leveraging innovative technology, a simple e-commerce experience and powerful search and negotiation tools, we've created the ideal way to market and acquire material. 


Feature Overview

We’ve created a marketplace with inventory you can trust provided by vetted sellers. We’ve built easy-to-use tools and a clean and simple design that allows you to get your job done quickly.

Our site is so intuitive, that most folks can instantly start using it upon logging in. We intentionally built PartPilot to get Buyers and Sellers up and running immediately so you can start finding value right away in the middle of your already packed schedule.

If you’ve searched or bought anything online, then you already know how to use PartPilot!

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powerful search and price discovery

With a Google-like search, we’ll help you quickly find the parts you need. Powerful filters allow you to further refine your results until you have just the right options to consider.

Searching for many different parts? We’ve got you covered with our Mass MPN Search that allows you simultaneously search for all the parts you need in one search and allowing you to quickly drill down into the results.

We’re constantly growing and Sellers are adding inventory daily, so use our Listing Alerts to actively monitor PartPilot inventory and be alerted any time parts are added that are on your watchlist.

easy-to-use negotiation and messaging

Once you’ve found a part you like, you can review the specific details, documentation, photos, and other relevant facts about the part.

Easily communicate with the Seller to request additional details, documentation, or clarify your needs with our Instant Messaging functionality.

With the power to negotiate pricing back and forth directly with the Seller, you can quickly finalize a transaction that meets your needs.

There’s not a faster way to get a deal done than through PartPilot.


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simple and fast inventory management

At the core of PartPilot is a powerful inventory management system that allows Sellers to easily get up in running in a few minutes.

You can leverage the power of our API to directly connect and sync your ERP to PartPilot, or leverage our fast and easy-to-use Inventory Management page to ensure potential Buyers can access your inventory.

We also provide you useful controls to allow only those companies you want to see your pricing, and keep competitors from accessing your proprietary price info.

PartPilot Statistics

Since publicly launching in January 2018, we’ve been aggressively growing PartPilot by adding new companies and real inventory regularly. We’ve had millions in transactions ranging from deals as small as $10 up to $250,000.


Inventory Growth

This is a number we are constantly revising up as Sellers increase their inventories and when new Sellers join PartPilot. Even airlines are adding their surplus inventory.

And these numbers don’t even include Lots for sale on PartPilot.


Search Success Rate

While we don’t have every available part (yet), we won’t waste your time with ghost listings.

When we analyze the historical purchases of Airlines and MROs against PartPilot inventory, we see a 70% match.


effective Deal Making

We have vetted Sellers listing real inventory, so when you find it on PartPilot, you can trust it.

That creates a great environment to negotiate and get deals done. To date, 2 of every 3 negotiations end in finalized deals.


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